5 tricks I’ve learned from being a wig wearer

1. If you get a little too happy with your oil sheen and you get your wig or weave too greasy but don’t have time to wash it, use dry shampoo.If you don’t own dry shampoo a good substitute is baby powder because it will absorb all the oil from your wig and leave it looking matte again.

2.If you don’t already know about tresemme and how amazing it is for hair weaves, wigs and extensions then you need to get acquainted because I think the silicon in their products coat the hair shafts and make them silky smooth.



3. For more volume with your wigs hang your wig upside down on a fan so the roots dry facing up giving the wig extra volume and body.

4.To get your wig to be able to be styled in high ponytails, sew clips used in clip in extensions to secure your wig at the nape.

5. Use zip lock bags to store your wigs if you have too many wigs or you want them to remain fresh and not accumulate dust when they are not on rotation.