3 Non-Boring Spring Hairstyles to Try

Spring is around the corner, do you wanna try a fresh look when the boring winter ends? Check this out!
High Pony
1-1The fuss-free high-pony hairstyle is a sexy updo option that can be worn on the go with jeans and a T-shirt , while Yara Shahidi has shown the the style holds its own on the red carpet.
Platinum Blonde
1-2Grab your nearest bottle of peroxide (or schedule an appointment with a trusted hair colorist) and go blonde like Selena Gomez. If blondes have more fun, can you imagine the life you’ll lead with platinum hair? That has to be, like, eight times more fun.
Tight Curls
1-3Whether your hair naturally falls into this spiraled shape or you enlist the help of flexible rollers, this bouncy style works for all hair lengths, as demonstrated by Issa Rae.
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