3 Celebs Who Enjoy Experimenting With Their Looks

Celebrities are constantly striving to somehow amaze the fans and maintain people’s constant interest in themselves. Some celebrities like to experiment with the haircut and hair color, while others do not mind resorting to plastic surgeons in the pursuit of beauty and youth. We have selected 3 celebrities whose changes in appearance and style are so striking that you can hardly fail to notice  them.
Pamela Anderson

1996, 2010,2016
It’s no secret that Pamela has repeatedly addressed plastic surgeons for help. However, in recent years, the actress has become more moderate in her preferences–her image is distinguished by restraint and elegance now.


2010, 2012, 2016
Rihanna can rightly be considered a champion in changing appearance. During the years of her creative life, the star has tried so many haircuts, styling methods and ways of dyeing hair that no one will ever be able to guess how Rihanna diva will look tomorrow.
Victoria Beckham
19-5                                                                                                                  2003, 2008, 2016
The former Spice Girl has always been distinguished by the impeccable taste in the choice of clothes and hairstyles. Many people have dreamed of having the same bob haircut as Victoria Beckham.
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