3 Best Hair Color For African American Women

Do you want to change new hair color? Today we are going to show you the best hair color ideas for dark skin. Check it out!
Bright Red Hair Color
Fiery red locks are a head turner and a fiery red hair color looks stunning in contrast with darker skin. African American women’s hair tends to be more porous than others which means it will absorb the luscious red color so that it’s bright and permanent.

Chocolate Brown Hair Color
Chocolate brown is a subtle, natural-looking hair color with warm undertones that are flattering to most African American skin tones. This shade looks gorgeous as an all-over color, as well as paired with other shades. Caramel highlights are a popular look with chocolate brown hair that creates a beautiful contrast.
 Light Brown Hair Color
Among light brunettes there is one subtle and natural-looking brown hair color to combine with dark and warm complexions. There are countless light brown options for African American women and a light brown is a great option for women with naturally black hair. It’s the ravishing and trendy light brown.
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